Sunday, April 20, 2008

UCG (VAULT400) Has Record First Quarter

Ohio Technology Firm UCG has record growth in first quarter. Brecksville, Ohio – April 18, 2008, – United Computer Group, Inc. a Brecksville, OH based technology solutions company reported a record first quarter for 2008.The twenty-two-year old private company did not release revenue figures, but said its quarterly growth increased 198 percent from the same period last year.“UCG is fortunate to have hard-working, dedicated employees that focus on solving end user problems and loyal end user clients who realize and take advantage of the value of our offerings,” President Jim Kandrac said.UCG is headquartered in Brecksville, OH and has survived and thrived by being a focused niche player in the IT industry. UCG’s long-standing hardware and software based solutions that run on IBM mid-market servers were enhanced in 2007 by the introduction of UCG’s VAULT400 online backup and disaster recovery managed service. VAULT400 has secured clients throughout Ohio and nationwide from California, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas. End User data from around the country is vaulted daily to UCG’s state of the art data center in Columbus, OH Kandrac predicted that 2008 would remain strong and the outlook for cost effective mid-market solutions, especially for the security and disaster recovery segment will continue to grow by over 50% annually.“End User clients are looking for solutions to solve their problems and address key business issues”, Kandrac said. I believe UCG is well-positioned to address end user requirements with cost-effective products and solutions.About United Computer Group, Inc. United Computer Group, Inc. (UCG) UCG was formed in 1987 and has served 550+ end user clients. For more information, please visit or