Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HA - Five Minute Role Swap

Demystifying the high availability role swap

There are many System i users who still believe a role swap between primary and back-up systems is a tricky operation that takes time when time is in short supply. Well, it isn't tricky and a role swap can be completed within 20 minutes with award-winning *noMAX. Listen to Raymond Hammell, Senior Technical Specialist with Maximum Availability, demystify the role swap process. During these FREE webcasts, Raymond will outline all the ingredients of a simple and successful roll over (with a live five minute example) and you'll learn about the latest network options to move users over to the target system. You'll see first hand what occurs to ensure that the data, application, and programs are exactly as they should be when a role swap is complete. Choose which date will fit best on your calendar:

  • Tuesday 14 July (11 am EST)
  • Thursday 16 July (2 pm EST)
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Revamping Your System i

So, during the this down turn in the economy do you find yourself revamping your System i, purchasing a new/used system or just laying down the budget foundation for the future? Well, the downturn in the economy has many people thinking. We to began thinking. And the thinking has lead us to many new changes in our website and product line. Stop by our site and give us your thoughts (we could always improve the site with your ideas).

Monday, June 08, 2009

Is Electronic Vaulting the Answer to the DR Question?

Jim Kandrac's latest article has been posted on MC Press Online as the Feature Article (congrats!!!). You can view it at: Value-based DR lies in the space between tape and HA for small and mid-size organizations. Great solutions for IBM iSystems, Windows and many other platforms and applications.