Sunday, March 22, 2009

VAULT400 has teamed up with Maximum Availability on a new Managed-Service HA Solution

Companies can be back running in less than an hour with no hardware investment. VAULT400 has teamed up with Maximum Availability on a new managed-service high availability solution that stores data offsite and allows users to pay by the month. What VAULT400 is calling Managed Service High Availability guarantees to restore full service to a customer in one hour or less of notification that its system has gone down. The customer will roll over to the VAULT400 server running the client's pre-installed applications and *noMAX replicated data, and continue operations via a virtual private network. The service is expected to appeal to 20 percent or more of System i (AS/400) users who need a near-term recovery point objective (RPO) and a short recovery time objective (RTO). While the guaranteed one hour is an outside limit of how long it will take VAULT400 to get the customer's system back online, Maximum Availability notes that its software can execute a role swap in only four minutes. VAULT400 announced earlier that it was planning to offer a managed high availability solution, but it didn't say how it was going to accomplish this or what vendor it would team up with to make it happen. "We find the people at Maximum Availability easy to work with, and they clearly see this type of service as complementary to their high availability offerings," said Jim Kandrac, president of United Computer Group, parent of VAULT400.