Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vault 400

I searched & didn't locate a url for Vault 400 ? What is the url ?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Give Your Data the Protection it Deserves

In light of recent natural disasters, highly publicized security breaches and increased regulatory compliance mandates, many companies have developed a keen interest in what once only received lip service — data backup and disaster recovery. Though many companies routinely perform onsite backups, they struggle with off-site backup. Let's face it — storing your backups at home or at your other office across town may not be far enough away — plus it's a hassle. The solution — an online backup service, but which one? Vault400 is your answer. Vault400 fully supports just about every platform imaginable and are the recognized experts for the IBM AS/400 aka iSeries or System i. Each Vault400 service comes with free e-mail and telephone support. Once an Vault400 representative walks you through the 20-minute setup, off-site backup becomes fully automatic, eliminating the possibility of human error.