Monday, December 08, 2008

AIX VAULT400 Agent 6.0

United Computer Group, Inc.; Cleveland, Ohio
AT A GLANCE: United Computer Group introduces Vault400 Agent 6.0 to improve performance, security, ease of use and integration.
DETAILS: VAULT400 Agent 6.0 helps improve backup and restore performance with faster seeding, restore and backup of small object workflows. Bandwidth throttling is designed to minimize disruptions to daily business operations during backups. DeltaPro recreation technology provides faster backups by regenerating missing or corrupt delta file indexes. This version offers support for AES-256 encryption and a backup job creation utility for optimal configuration of backup jobs for new customers. Support for LocalRecovery and UltraRecovery helps ensure that backups from operating-system agents integrate seamlessly with replication capabilities of the Director operating-system support.
OS SUPPORT: OS/400* V5R1 and above, Windows*, AIX* 5.2 and 5.3 PRICE: Variable PHONE: (440) 717-7655 E-MAIL: URL: