Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick VAULT400 - FACTS - read on.......

Management: With tape, each location must be managed locally by your staff because it requires manual intervention to load, eject and take tapes off-site. With VAULT400, you can centrally manage the solution from one location. Recoveries: With tape, you must recall tapes from off-site storage before recoveries can begin. With VAULT400, you go to our central management console, identify the date you want to restore from and click the safeset, meaning recoveries are much faster. Security: Do you encrypt your backups tapes? Many businesses skip this step because it adds time to backup windows. With VAULT400 you can encrypt backups without the overhead associated with tape encryption. Your data is secure and your backup windows are met. Data Validity: Do you "verify after write"? Like encryption, many businesses skip this step because it adds time to backup windows, ultimately leaving you to discover any issues when you needed to recover. With VAULT400 error checking is part of the backup process and does not add time to backup windows. Total Savings: While total savings includes tangible savings over tape, it does not include the risk of lost data. How much would it cost your organization if you lost a tape? Would you lose customers, incur regulatory fines, or lawsuits? Our Quick VAULT400 Facts - and Best ROI for Your Business

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