Wednesday, November 06, 2013

United Computer Group, Inc. Rolls Out VAULT400 Reports

IBM Systems Magazine gave UCG's VAULT400 Reports a nice shout-out on Page 39 of their November issue. VAULT400 clients have been raving about their new reports since UCG rolled out the initiative this past July. 

VAULT400 Reports is a Web-enabled interface for centralized reporting that contains details of their clients' cloud-protected data. Users receive three types of reports:
  1. Backup status, which lists successful, failed, or missed backups while providing a simple, single-glance view of the overall health of the backup solution.
  2. Grouped Storage Details, providing a breakdown of storage information for each job grouped by computer, customer, and vault.
  3. Storage Totals, including information on total storage that can be obtained for a specific date range showing the storage fluctuation over time.
You can check out samples of VAULT400 Reports on the VAULT400 website. VAULT400 Reports are provided at no additional cost by UCG to VAULT400 subscribers.