Wednesday, February 26, 2014

IBM Pushes Performance Up, Energy Down With Power8

Article in IT Jungle The Four Hundred by Timothy Prickett Morgan 

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The IEEE hosted its International Solid-State Circuits Conference recently in San Francisco, which is generally loaded with coming out parties for all kinds of server processors. IBM's top techies from the Power Systems division were on hand to show off some more of the feeds and speeds of the forthcoming Power8 chips, expected sometime around the middle of this year.
Many of the feeds and speeds of the Power8 chip were divulged last year at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University, which The Four Hundred reported on at the time. Some more details of the Power8 chip were revealed at ISSCC and are shared here
The bottom line, Tim says, is the new Power8 systems give IBM a chance to rethink how it packages and prices the Power Systems-IBM i stack and try to get its entire base to move forward rather than those who are pushed to the cutting edge by the demands of their applications.