Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crunch time at UCG thanks to Herr Foods!

UCG's Senior Consultant Tim Prostor returned from a dual VAULT400 appliance install at Herr Foods headquarters in Nottingham, PA with several bags of their tasty snacks. The team at UCG thoroughly enjoyed them and decided to run an informal taste test. Here are the results!  

UCG Managers (L to R)
Mike Powall, VP; Tim Prostor, Senior Technical Engineer;
Gina Creager, Administrations & Operations Manager
Michael Seday, Senior Consultant

Scoring System

#1 = 5 points
#2 = 4 points
#3 = 3 points
#4 = 2 points
#5 = 1 point
#6 = 0 points

The winners were: 
  1. Extra Crunchy Honey Sriracha Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and Kettle Lattice Cut with Sea Salt = Tied for First Place - 18 points
  2. Ripple Kettle Cooked = 14 points
  3. Kettle Cooked Chips = 12 points
  4. Crunchy Cheese Sticks = 7 points
  5. Old Bay Seasoned Cheese Curls = 6 points

Looking for a fun family activity this summer? Check out Herr's Snack Factory Tour in Nottingham, PA. 

Schedule your tour online

The folks at UCG will be more than happy to taste test new products anytime for Herr Foods; just send them on over! Thanks again!