Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UCG Alumni Success Stories: Julie Mascioli

One of the greatest benefits of LinkedIn and other social media platforms is that it gives us the opportunity to stay in touch and follow the success of individuals who began their careers at United Computer Group: our interns and alumni. 

These individuals joined UCG full of potential and energy. It wasn't long before they became strong contributors bringing fresh ideas and building client relationships, all the while learning business strategies that would eventually support their growth into successful careers.

This is the third in a series of interviews, UCG Alumni Success Stories, conducted by our marketing consultant, Francine Ciaccia of MoMo Companies Ltd. We are pleased and honored to introduce UCG Alumni Julie Mascioli. Julie, thank you for being a part of UCG's success!

Julie Mascioli
Former UCG Operations Manager

Julie Mascioli
Julie Mascioli began her career at United Computer Group in 1996 as their Accounting/Operations Manager. In 2012, Julie focused her attention exclusively as Operations Manager for UCG’s cloud backup and recovery solution, VAULT400 BaaS, in response to their rapidly growing client base. 

In 2014 Julie retired from UCG to spend more time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.  

“On January 1, 2014 I officially retired from UCG after 17 years. It was truly my pleasure to have worked with a wonderful staff and also to have dealt with the best and most loyal customers a company could have. Thanks to all for your support and encouragement. I wish everyone health, prosperity, and happiness now and in the years to come!” – Julie Mascioli

Julie Mascioli 1996
Julie, you started working at UCG in 1996. When and how did you meet Jim Kandrac, and how did it come to be that he offered you a position at UCG? 

I was working as receptionist for company Jim leased his office space from. When the accounting position became available at UCG, I approached Jim about it and we agreed to a probationary period of three months, and the rest is history. Three months became 17 very challenging, exciting, and productive years.

Please tell me about some of the responsibilities and tasks you were involved with initially.

At first the position basically involved accounting duties i.e. accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, etc.

Oftentimes, the most effective way to become established and grow within a company is on the job training; learning firsthand about the company, its products, services, and most importantly, its clients. Did you find that to be true in your experience?

Absolutely!  My role changed over the years and I needed to grow with it.  More products and services were added and it was important for me to learn more about them in order to properly address clients’ needs more knowledgeably and intelligently.  From managing the accounting aspects of the position to operations, then last but not least, VAULT400 BaaS, there was no time to get bored!

What did you learn about the world of technology while at UCG?

I learned that if there’s anything you can be sure of, it’s how quickly technology can and does change, and to survive you need to change with it. UCG, through Jim Kandrac’s insight and vision, was able to keep up with changing times. 

What did you enjoy most and what did you find most challenging during your 17 years at UCG?

Everything!  Working with great people, and getting to know our customers. Every day brought new lessons and challenges; striving to keep everyone happy, solving problems, putting out fires. Frustrating sometimes but always rewarding when issues were resolved.

What was your most valuable take-away when you left UCG to retire?

Working at UCG helped me grow and become an even more self-reliant person and ready for the next BIG challenge: retirement!

Julie, congratulations on your retirement! It was always a pleasure to see you when I visited UCG. What advice do you have for individuals looking to set or adjust their career path?  

Thank you! My best advice is be ready to work hard, look for new opportunities, be proactive (Jim’s favorite word!), never give up! AND always have a positive attitude!

Julie and her husband Nino have been together since they met at age 17 through mutual friends; they've been married since August 1970. Both were born in Timmins, Ontario Canada.  After Nino graduated from college, they moved to a little town called Haileybury, Ontario where they lived 17 years. After several job transfers, they settled in Strongsville, Ohio in 1994, which is where they call home.

Julie and Nino have two wonderful children (Jen and Bryan) and four equally wonderful grandchildren (Ian, Ella, Mikaela, and Addison), all living in Northern California now.  

In addition to visits with her family in California, Julie enjoys biking, walking, reading, knitting, watching the history channel and DIY channels, musicals, dance, and playing cards.

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