Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Tally 4347 Printer: Don't just take OUR word for it - Listen to this!

Recently we've given you LOTS of reasons why we think the Tally 4347-i Series from DASCOM is the perfect printer in a lot of IBM/InfoPrint AS400 applications.

The Tally 4347 Printer
There are the connectivity options, the durability, the support, fast print speed, end user rebates, and sales spiffs for those selling our products.

But...we also think it's great for you to hear from our end-user customers about how we solved their problems or what they think of our printers.

Here's just one example from a happy customer, and for UCG it just doesn't get any better than that!


Back in the summer of 2013, a wholesale grocer needed to replace several production IBM 4224-1e3 Dot Matrix printers in their warehouse.

They brought in a couple different models and brands to test out in their very complex printing environment.They are an i-series/AS400 shop so printing is a big part of their business. We were very pleased to receive the testimonial below from their IT Manager:  
"Due to some programming limitations on our part, we found that no one printer brand or model worked for us 100% out of the box.We knew this going into this project but wanted to keep the overhead on our IT and programming staffs to a minimum as we rolled these new units out.   We chose the Tally 4347-i08 printer. The units worked flawlessly right out of the box with minimal intervention by our staff. The project turned out to be a huge success!
In the two plus years we've had these units, we've only had to call support one time and they nailed the issue within minutes. The problem was more of a maintenance issue (or lack thereof) on our part, and we have since implemented a short cleaning routine to keep these units up and running. Based on my experience I would recommend the Tally 4347 for your printing needs."   
IT Manager
Large Grocery Wholesaler based in South Florida

Tally 4347-i08 and 4347-i10 Advantages
  1. Heavy duty design printer with a wide range of interfaces including Coax/Ethernet (with and without IPDS), Twinax/Ethernet (with and without IPDS), and Ethernet with IPDS available.  
  2. STANDARD Ethernet and Parallel Interfaces.  
  3. IPDS expert ON-STAFF at DASCOM Americas - available to assist and to provide support you need in IPDS and AS400 applications. 
  4. Compatible with a wide range of IBM Systems using interfaces and protocols developed and tested in many world-wide installations.
  5. $175 end user trade-in rebate on the purchase of a new 4347-i08 or 4347-i10. 
  6. Try-It, Buy-It Program available.
  7. Aggressive Pricing
  8. ONE YEAR ON-SITE WARRANTY is standard.  
  9. Recommended Replacement for older discontinued IBM printers.
  10. Available today from United Computer Group!

For additional details, contact Gina Creager, Printer Specialist, at 216.520.1333 #170, or by email at gmc@ucgrp.com.

Download Tally 4347 spec sheet.

Thank you for making the Tally 4347-i Series a great choice for you and your customers! United Computer Group, Inc. is an authorized DASCOM printer reseller.