Tuesday, July 12, 2016

69 quick and easy tips to make this the best...and healthiest summer yet!

Bryan Adams had some good times and some bad times during the summer of ’69…he bought a real guitar and played it all summer long, he started a band, the band broke up, he met his girl at the drive-in, and that love just couldn’t outlast the summer of ’69…but, boy, they were the best days of his life! 

For most of us growing up, the summer days seemed to be the best days of our lives too…and they can still be as adults. Staying healthy throughout the summer months is important! Instead of letting our fitness routines, healthy eating, and health in general fail like Bryan Adams’ band and summer love, let’s stay on track to start the fall in the best shape of our lives! 

We’ve gathered 69 quick and easy tips to help make this summer one of your healthiest yet…plus some groovy hydration infographics to help keep you cool this summer.

Download the PDF here:  ucgtechnologies.com/S069

From all of us at UCG Technologies and Fitness Together, have a safe, healthy, and totally boss summer!