Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10GB to 100TB+ Windows, IBM System i - Backup Restore

UCG and VAULT400 is not a company and product that likes to sit around and watch the world pass us by. So, we have added a few more products and solutions up our sleeves. Besides a direct SaaS solution (VAULT400) we now have Appliances and Software Licencing that can meet the most demanding of you out there. Personally I am excited about the Appliance called Plug-n-Protect. It is just a great all-inclusive system for an enterprise environment. Quick Backups and Restores plus you can replicate offsite with it as well. Pretty cool product for those that need to backup & restore data. Plus, we hit the 6TB, 12TB+ ranges. I'll get more into each solution at a later time. Right now I need to work on sales, website updates and some Data Sheets.