Thursday, July 17, 2014

Counting The Cost Of Power8 Systems

By Timothy Prickett Morgan, IT Jungle

"Now that IBM has put the four-core entry Power8 machine in the field to appease the processing and software group needs of a large portion of the IBM i installed base, it seems like now is a good time to finally get the price/performance analysis comparing Power7, Power7+, and Power8 machines out the door. There are many ways to dice and slice this, and I like to go through this methodically, as you all well know.
I have already compared the base system configurations in terms of their feeds, speeds, price, and raw value for dollar based on IBM's Commercial Performance Workload (CPW) online transaction processing benchmark test. These are but crude relative gauges of price/performance, I realize. That is why I also create comparisons that look at the price of raw processing capacity and the IBM i software license and support. That is what I have cooked up for this issue of The Four Hundred, to show you the cost of the inherent processing capacity separate from the system chassis and the memory, storage, and other peripherals that get added into the system. The next thing will be to look at how configured systems stack up using different generations of Power chips running IBM i and then to compare configured Power8 boxes to similarly configured machines equipped with Windows, Linux, and Unix as well as hypervisors and databases like IBM i offers."

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