Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My Ride Into the Danger Zone

Jim Kandrac, President of United Computer Group, Inc.


June 7, 2014 was no ordinary day. My adventure as Fighter Pilot for a Day® by Air Combat USA, a Christmas gift from my lovely bride of 28 years, Pamela, had at last arrived!

The weather was sunny and calm, a perfect day to fly. I arrived at Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport well prior to take off at 01200. Excitement, adrenaline, and nerves were at full tilt. Let's just say I wore black underwear "just in case".

The day began with an instructional class, followed by me handling the controls about 90% of the time. The controls were very sensitive and similar to a helicopter; very slight adjustments end up being significant corrections. All in all, I had six dog fights with another competitor, pulled 4.6 G's, almost threw up, sweated profusely, did many, many, many loops and rolls while chasing the other plane, and got three kills. 

It was a fantastic experience! +Air Combat USA

I cannot imagine what it was "really" like during WWII. My sincere thanks to our entire United States military who protect our freedom on a daily basis.

 Jim Kandrac