Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Power i, IBM i: What Do You Mean by That? A Primer from Joe Hertvik

Great article from +Joe Hertvik on how to differentiate between the terms Power i and IBM i. 

"Since their introduction, there’s always been some confusion about what people mean when they say Power i and IBM i. The terms are not interchangeable.
Here’s my primer on when and how to use the terms Power i and IBM i. These are my own definitions and best suggestions for referring to or writing about the platform and the operating system. If you’d like to suggest modifications or another source for these terms, please post a comment here or email me at"
Read Joe's blog post here. Takeaway: "IBM no longer sells the old products so all you have to do is understand that Power i and IBM i are the new terms and go on evaluating whether what ever products or services people are discussing will work in your environment." 
Thanks, Joe!