Friday, March 14, 2014

WMCPA Spring Technical Conference Highlights

Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan Lake, WI
UCG's +Michael Seday attended the 29th Annual Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association Spring Technical Conference (WMCPA) on March 11 through 13. The event was held at Lake Lawn Resort on the snowy shores of Delavan Lake, WI.  

"Women in IT", a conference highlight, included excellent presentations, an expert round table, and open discussions. 

Get Your Head Into The Cloud

WMCPA's Keynote speaker was Richard Dolewski of iTinuum. Richard is a frequent technical contributor to industry publications, and the author of System i Disaster Recovery Planning. "Get Your Head Into the Cloud" was the title of Richard's Keynote speech. The focus was on transitioning from a traditional data center to a secure private cloud architecture. Richard provided a look into making IT a revenue generator for businesses, explaining that "with today's IT you can own way less and do way more. It is time for IT organizations to evolve and implement new technologies that support virtualization, agility, resiliency and how to manage the costs associated with cloud computing."
Left to right: Michael Seday, UCG; Jim Buck, Gateway Tech College & WMCPA President;  Richard Dolewski, iTinuum President & Keynote Speaker;  Shane Poad, Paragon Software & WMCPA Sponsor Director 

Breakout sessions covered JavaScript, IBM i Security, Intro to Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Processing XML with RPG, and many IBM i hands-on and technical discussions. 
The UCG booth at WMCPA

The show was well attended and included over 20 conference sponsors including United Computer Group. If you missed this event, be sure to keep an eye out for the 30th annual spring conference next year.

Steven Joy and Michael Seday
Steven Joy of E.R. Wagner, was the proud winner of UCG's conference giveaway: a box of Callaway HEX Control golf balls. Steve, enjoy your game! 
An additional box of golf balls was given away at Casino Night to the ecstatic craps, roulette and blackjack players.

The WMCPA has provided over 25 years of quality information to allow their members to expand their knowledge on the ever-evolving mid-range system.