Tuesday, March 11, 2014

UCG Saves Client IFIC Over $2M During Superstorm Sandy

Jim Kandrac and Tim Prostor of UCG had a great visit with client International Fidelity Insurance Company in Newark, NJ on Thursday, March 6, 2014. UCG provided Maxava H/A software to IFIC several years ago and it proved very useful during the power outage due to Superstorm Sandy. Without its DR solution, IFIC would have lost three full days of operation, equating to around $2 million in revenue.

IFIC also has agreements with UCG for VAULT400 BaaS and IBM i Cloud Test/ Dev. Partition.

From Left to Right:  Bob Marshall, IFI Vice President; Bruno Fonseca, IFI Senior Network Systems Manager; George Rankin, IFI Program Manager;  Barbara Kissner, IFI Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer;  Eric Kong, IFI Senior Programmer Analyst;  Jack Callahan, IFI Senior Programmer Analyst; Jim Kandrac, UCG President; Tim Prostor, UCG Senior Engineer;  Michael Gottlieb, IFI Programmer Analyst