Thursday, April 24, 2014

Breaking News: IBM Announces Power8

IBM Tackles Big Data Challenges with Open Server Innovation Model

New Systems Deliver Data Insights 50 Times Faster than Latest x86-based Systems

ARMONK, N.Y. - 23 Apr 2014: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today debuted new Power Systems servers that allow data centers to manage staggering data requirements with unprecedented speed, all built on an open server platform. In a move that sharply contrasts other chip and server manufacturers' proprietary business models, IBM through the OpenPOWER Foundation, released detailed technical specifications for its POWER8 processor, inviting collaborators and competitors alike to innovate on the processor and server platform, providing a catalyst for new innovation. Read full press release.

View Power8 slideshow from IBM STG External Relations.

IBM Systems Magazine: POWER8 Represents a Sea Change for IBM
by Evelyn Hoover

IBM announced its first processor designed for data workloads. The POWER8 chip represents a sea change for IBM. It’s the first chip that’s optimized for big data and analytics, designed for better cloud economics and delivered on the world’s first open server ecosystem.Today’s announcement is the culmination of several months of planning, according to Power Systems GM Doug Balog. Last year IBM announced Linux on Power technology, including porting centers and a $1 billion investment in the OS. The OpenPOWER Foundation was also announced as a way to reach new buyers and new markets with Power technology. In addition, earlier this year IBM announced Power technology was moving to SoftLayer—at first as part of Watson as a service and then under BlueMix software as a service. Read full article in IBM Systems Magazine.

IT Jungle: IBM i Runs On Two Of Five New Power8 Machine by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Big Blue was widely expected to trot out the new entry Power Systems machines based on its Power8 processors next week, but it looks like the company wanted to make sure that the machines had a day of their own rather than being a part of the broader discussion about big data and cloud at the Impact2014 shindig that IBM is hosting next week. The interesting bit of news for IBM i shops is that there are five new Power8 systems, but only two of them are certified to run IBM i.
This was a bit unexpected, but once the pricing for the new machines is divulged, very likely next week, all will be made clear. Read full article here.