Monday, April 21, 2014

Optimize Your Business Performance with S2K Enterprise Management Software

The Future of Enterprise Management Software Has Arrived.

Regardless of industry, organizations that recognize and use information technology to help their businesses react to competition and quickly respond to change will be tomorrow’s industry leaders. S2K Enterprise Management Software harnesses the power of technology and enables businesses to better anticipate consumer needs and enhance productivity. 

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"Since our purchase of the S2K Enterprise Management Software package from UCG, we have added several warehouses and grown significantly. This system has allowed us the ability to better manage our business on an IBM Power Systems platform, which is ideal for growth."   - Keith Price, VP of Information Services, Seneca Medical, Inc., Tiffin, OH
"Selecting UCG to provide our IBM Power System and S2K Enterprise Management Software was an outstanding choice. From technical support and disaster recovery, to generating new ideas and resources for growth, UCG is a trusted business partner. This is a critical component for any progressive company."  - Berk Enterprises, Inc., Warren, OH