Monday, April 07, 2014

Empowering Women in IT

UCG attended the WMCPA Technical Conference last month and we were so impressed, we covered it in two separate blog posts: WMCPA Spring Technical Conference Highlights and Gateway Technical College: Ensuring a future for IBM i.

This morning, we read an excellent article by Dan Burger in IT Jungle delving into the Women in IT portion of the conference in greater detail. 

"Obstacles and solutions are a large part of the IT professional's career choice. Organizations assemble IT staffs to solve business problems. Traditionally, it's been a man's world, with women in a decidedly minority role. The IBM mid-range community is no different. But last month at the Wisconsin Midrange Computing Professionals Association Technical Conference, a session called Women in IT put the gender topic in a new light."
"The role of women in IT is changing. And it's not changing because we've all sat around and waited for change to happen on its own accord. It's changing because there are people who want it to change and because it's time for change."